Thursday, September 22, 2005

Katrina relief by IBOAI partners

IBOAI Partners to Provide Hurricane Katrina Relief

IBOs, Quixtar Inc., and Alticor Corp. have already contributed more than $1 million, says IBOAI Past President Fred Harteis.

The Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI or IBOA International), thanks Independent Business Owners (IBOs) for their continuing support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. “Our members’ broad-based generosity includes contributing to the American Red Cross through Quixtar.com,” notes Harteis.

“IBOs powered by Quixtar are deeply saddened by the tremendous loss suffered in the region tragically struck by Hurricane Katrina,” says Fred Harteis. “The disaster affected more than 3,500 members of our trade association who reside in the Gulf region, so we are very motivated to do whatever we can to help,” adds Harteis.

“To date, our Independent Business Owner members have contributed more than $130,000 to the American Red Cross at Quixtar.com. The company will match all contributions up to $250,000, so we’re more than halfway there,” says Fred Harteis. “IBOs have been contributing in many ways to the relief efforts. One recent IBO event raised more than $270,000 for relief efforts. Donations continue to pour in,” says Fred Harteis.

“In addition to Quixtar Inc’s match grant program, the company contributed $250,000 to support the efforts of four relief organization,” explains Fred Harteis. “Also, the company sent numerous truckloads of product through International Aid, another relief organization.

"We continue to hold all the victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families in our thoughts and prayers," says Fred Harteis.

Contributions to the American Red Cross can be made at www.quixtar.com.