Saturday, June 25, 2005

New artistry blush

Review: Linda Harteis: New Artistry Powder Blush

Touch a child’s life with Artistry Beauty Begins With Heart Campaign– Linda Harteis

Freshen your look with two new classic shades of ARTISTRY (www.artistry.com) Powder Blush – Posh and Sheer Petal. “Both perfectly pretty shades of Artistry Powder Blush will add a gorgeous splash of color to your cheeks,” says Linda Harties.

The fresh plum of Artistry Posh Powder Blush makes cheeks radiant with a soft shimmer, while Artistry Sheer Petal Powder Blush gives your face a natural, pale pink glow that lasts all day.

Linda Harteis: Artistry Application
For the most natural blush, gently sweep powder blush over the apples of your cheeks and back toward the cheekbones. To add an extra pop of colour to cheeks, select a powder blush that is one shade brighter than your everyday blush and apply it only to the apples of your cheeks.

ARTISTRY is one of the world’s top five largest-selling prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cosmetics, including eye shadows and blush, according to a study by Euromonitor Consultancy. ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics products are available in the United States and Canada exclusively through Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar (Quixtar IBO) For more information, or to purchase products, visit Quixtar, www.quixtar.com.

Touch a child’s life through ARTISTRY’s Beauty Begins with Heart campaign in support of Easter Seals. .

Fred Harteis, Linda Harteis are members of IBOAI

IBOAI, official trade association, lead by 2005 board president, Billy Florence, with past president Fred Harteis , vice president Greg Duncan, secretary/treasurer Don Wilson serves and protects the business interests of Quixtar powered IBO’s (Quixtar IBOs) throughout North America.

Fred Harteis owns Harteis International and leads i Team
Billy Florence leads the Team DCI TEAM and owns Equad News www.e-quadnews.com. Greg Duncan leads WWDB World Wide Dream Builders.