Friday, March 04, 2005

Fred Harteis- X/S Energy press release

Iboai Declares New XS™ Sports Drink a Clear Winner - Fred Harteis of Iboai Says Clearly Sugar-Free XS Sports Drink energizes IBOs and Their Businesses Powered by Quixtar

Fred Harteis, president of the Independent Business Owners Association International (Iboai – iboai.com) has declared the newest XS™ Sports Drink a “clear winner.”
Ada, MI (PRWEB) December 22, 2004 -- Fred Harteis, president of the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI – www.iboai.com) has declared the newest XS™ Sports Drink a “clear winner.” “Clearly Sugar-Free Orange, the newest XS Sports Drink flavor, is a great addition to the XS Sports Nutrition (www.xsgear.com) line of products,” says Fred Harteis, board president of the IBOAI. Launched recently by Quixtar, XS Clearly Sugar Free Orange is one of the first sugar-free isotonic sports drinks available in the United States. “Other sports drinks are loaded with sugar and calories,” adds Fred Harteis. “After exercising to burn calories, a high-sugar, high-calorie sports drink just doesn’t make sense,” continues Harteis. “It’s counterproductive to what you want to accomplish with your workout,” concludes Harteis. Clearly Sugar-Free Orange XS Sports Drink replaces fluids lost through exercise without the sugar and calories found in other sports drinks. “There is great demand for XS Power Nutrition products,” says Fred Harteis. “IBOs know XS products are great for business. Clearly Sugar-Free Orange is a great addition to the line.”XS Power Nutrition products are featured at www.Quixtar.com and in Quixtar’s Momentum Catalog, which offers a complete selection of sports nutrition and related products -- dietary supplements, performance foods, apparel, gadgets, and more. “These products are geared to people with active lifestyles,” explains Fred Harteis. “That’s great for our businesses because energetic, active people are who we want to reach as consumers and as new IBOs powered by Quixtar.”About the IBOAI“As the official trade association,” states Harteis, “IBOAI is dedicated to serving and protecting the interests of Quixtar powered Independent Business Owners (IBOs) throughout North America.” Governed by a Board of Directors, the IBOAI: - Protects the best interests of IBOs and serves as an advocate in IBO issues.- Promotes and protects the integrity of the Independent Business Ownership Plan.- Ensures that the business opportunity today is as good or better for future generations.- Acts as an advisory group to Quixtar Inc. and Quixtar Canada Corp.The Iboai Board of Directors Executive Committee includes Independent Business Owners Fred Harteis, President, Billy Florence, Vice President, Greg Duncan, Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Crawford, Tim Foley, Rex Renfrow, Jody Victor, and Steve Woods.Related links:Fred Harteis www.iboai.com/your_presidentsmessage_fredharteis.htmIBOAI www.iboai.com